Accompanied driving services

Driving skills

How to turn into the narrow gate? First Visual ability to get, not turning obstacles near the doorway, minimize the turning angle.
hill next to the bridge, how to prevent car "insert"? Adhere to the "go your own way" and ignore others. If in the middle of a road, you keep centered if in lanes, is centered on the outside, so that other vehicles don't easily inserted. Note also that cars, be sure to keep a considerable distance to prevent the front car. In short, let speed do not give way, in any case, are inherent in their position.
How to "embed" the middle of a row of cars? Reverse parking. Through the mirror, reference to the centerline of the parking spaces in front of the front of vehicles, and when the rear half of the wheel over the line, start up the steering wheel back, vehicles entering 2/3, the back plate.
not vent blocked? Block often vent is not recommended. In case of speed without compromising security, free gliding can be used, but the fuel was not obvious. Do not declutch when going downhill, not only can easily lead to brake failure, and once the stalled vehicle could spin out of control.
How to overtaking and lane change? To be decisive, as close to the vehicle in front, especially dual carriageway, overtaking time can be saved. By mirrors look the next lane when road traffic situation, not only to judge distance, but also to judge the speed of the car. In secure circumstances can change lanes, or in case of collision, change lanes to take full responsibility. If in the process in front of the bus * stop, not clear whether the front office when there are pedestrians crossing the road, you can see the front wheel of the bus head gaps if the feet or shadows moving on the ground, said someone overtaking must pay attention.
the green light flashing, can continue straight ahead? According to the new traffic law, and is not recommended when the green light flashes, best green light flashing stop, avoid jumping yellow light. And try to avoid stopping at zebra crossings.
How to shift the most efficient? Shifting the trick is to learn to listen engine sound. Speed fast gear is low when you shift, makes a buzzing sound and vice versa when low speed high gear, the sound would be in, loud and body shaking phenomena can occur. In General, after the start, the bus started after your 2 gears, about 40 yards to change 3 gears.
How to maintain speed at 60-80? Many sections of more than 80 yards will be electronic police catch but was going too slow and will affect the smooth flow of traffic, so 60-80 is the safest driving speed. First of all, be sure to develop a habit of not slammed on the accelerator, step on the gas the best efforts, each vehicle is different, the throttle level to be familiar with the car as soon as possible.
red lights, how to fast car? Advance received from the gas pedal foot brakes do not slam on the first foot a bit darker so fast down, before the vehicles, micro-brake, the car will not move forward "rush".
How to drive along the street? Generally not in favour of car abruptly into the street along and easily damaged vehicles. Long "clotting" clutch, there was a unit within Coke smell, the taste of this was clutch wear. Parking in some places tensions, it needs to drive along the street, also slowed, a wheel of a wheel, with two wheels do not rush, this is likely to cause damage to shock absorbers. When, under the best from the side.