Accompanied driving services

Knowledge training

First items; understand dial function, familiar and right using steering lamp, big lamp, wiper, Horn
second items: familiar the document location and document bit of switch
third items: right manipulation steering wheel steering Shi playing round, back round timing Shi playing round posture
fourth items: throttle, brake, clutch of right using
fifth items: right of oil away from tie training
sixth items; Start, stop training
seventh; Speed up, slow down, add and subtract right time
eighth; Fast start, slow car
Nineth training; Slope up training,< with hand brake and without hand brake of slope up
tenth items how adjustment and right using Hou depending on mirror how through rearview mirror judge and Hou car of distance, speed
11th items: and line, overtaking training
12th items: Access main road training
13th items: go overpass training
14th items: had complex junction training straight line, left, right turned
15th items: go narrow alley training
16th items: Training
around the island 17th: a road train
18th: training the narrow way to turn
19th: intersection turn training
20th: overpass turn training
21st: backing storage training
22nd; Lateral stop training
23rd; Night driving training, learn the proper use of a variety of lighting, night safety considerations.
24th; explain rain, snow, fog, road, cross road and Sha Lu and other considerations for special circumstances.
25th explain Expressway, Expressway traffic safety essentials.
26th; State of emergency no brakes stalling, tire, etc.
27th; driving after an accident in the course of treatment necessary processing and handling.
28th; how to change a tire and car inspection and maintenance the front line knowledge.

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