Travel with the accidents good reason how to choose vehicle traveling data recorder

Obviously someone hit your car, but it is always "the public and that the public is justified, both sides", what to do at this time? Maybe a vehicle traveling data recorder can help you. Driving recorder is a precision instrument that can record their driving the whole process, to some extent, can help the driver in the face of "crash pence" criminals to "redressed" some may also make some traffic accidents facts "come out", and called the car's "black box". Owners how to choose a driving recorder?
police: traffic recorder help to accurately judge the accident
driving recorder, is usually a small video equipment installed in front of the windshield, you can take audio and video. Car starts, you can put to work immediately. At present, many trucks and buses have been using vehicle traveling data recorder, but the car is not used much, but is actually quite useful.
a Dongguan senior traffic police officers believe that Chiang Kai-shek, driving recorder, found in favour of traffic accidents. "Because of my professional experience, after some traffic accidents, traffic police to reach the scene later can only grasp the collision marks, the trajectory of the debris after the collision and other circumstantial evidence, make liability judgments based on the circumstantial evidence, to tell the truth do not guarantee hundred percent correct. "Police officer Chiang Ching-kuo admitted to reporters," especially when vehicles moving again after an accident, or because of a minor collision, in order not to affect traffic flow moving on their own to the roadside, such cases will be relatively more difficult to make accurate judgments. "
" If there are ' black boxes ' driving recorder, liability was certainly more accurate judgments. As long as turn out to see the video, it can be said at a glance, no one can deny. "Jiang said," of course, precision high-traffic recorder, it is not a panacea, as with surveillance cameras, the ' black box ' there may be video-blind spots, so for the majority of drivers, key is to drive on. "
buying tips
drivers/> a look at the first thing to note is that the vehicle traveling data recorder is not bigger is better, if size may affect the driver's line of sight, and therefore more compact in size is more secure.
/> ER effect if it wants to play a "black box" effect, the effect is, of course, the most critical factors. Owners choose a different brand and model of driving recorder when it is best to place the instrument in the light and poor visibility environment try to test the instrument in monitoring results when night driving or crossing road. Conditions, if any, can also try recording under strong light effects. In addition, the screen resolution of instruments may also affect the final video recording playback.

last three operations, also reminded the small number of "digital newbies" owners of vehicle traveling data recorder interface less "friendly". If you are the "digital newbies", it is necessary to pay special attention to the menu interface of the vehicle traveling data recorder start easy and convenient.
is also a noteworthy fixations of the vehicle traveling data recorder.
reporters found that most recorders use a suction cup, these suckers are easy to use, a sticky, but somewhat uneven in quality, there are some products in the store has clearly stuck in prison, much less glued to the glass on your car. Some products also use the adhesive, not clean up, but pasting results better.