Popup is on airbag vehicle quality problems

Driver text: my car a few days ago was a serious traffic accident, left front wheel was cracked, alloy wheels were crushed, but airbag did not eject, excuse me if this is vehicle quality problems?
reporters runner: airbags burst has no direct contact with vehicle quality, whether airbags are functioning, must find out whether the collision to trigger points can be discussed. In normal conditions, air bags need to meet the conditions of vehicle collision set at design time, to burst, it must hit the trigger point. The trigger may be the body, or body is in an extreme State.
of different brands, different grades of car airbags, the trigger point is not the same. For example, some vehicles in the bumper set the touch point, while some high-end vehicles, even according to the speed of change, detonate airbags. Owners
cars, may seek advice from a professional repair staff understand their principle of vehicle airbags. However, many repair persons admitted role in support of airbag seat belts, car buyers do not have to go. If they really have higher requirements for airbags, recommended the full range of protection of their balloon models. In contrast, seat belt protection is more important to the human body, and the technology is more mature, less prone to problems. While driving, vehicle owners must remember to fasten your seat belt and ride staff.