Driving common sense
Driving the new rules will be on January 1 next year, and new rules, have a lot of new rules is the behaviour of in day-to-day driving most consumers take for granted, if they are not correct, when the new provisions are implemented at the expense of themselves.
bad habits a red light
many owners at the time of driving to the traffic light, often see a yellow light flashing, but owners will add a kick of oil sped past. This is very dangerous, because of the short process of a flashing yellow light, a Flash of yellow light, that is, the red light will light up, which prompts the vehicle to stop and wait.
new statutes, running red lights is to six points and fined 200 Yuan. Here to remind owners ran two red lights, driver's licenses would have to test again, it's not worth, therefore, recommend that when car owners to have traffic lights, not to grab one or two seconds and making unnecessary mistakes.
bad habits II cell phone
often encounter in front of vehicles on the road are slowly open, overtaking a look, the original driver is on the phone. At one point, reporters in front of the highway to see the driver of a car actually calls while driving in the lane. In fact, talking on the phone while driving, easily distracted driver, driving already requires intense concentration, but a call, there is possibility of accidents.
in the new statutes, phone, 3 points and fined 100 Yuan. All owners can remember, after playing many times, driver's license test again. More importantly, for everyone's safety, do not answer or dial the phone.
bad habits of three belts
reporter served as the seat belt survey, most owners say, in city driving is rarely offered to wear seat belts, especially on the co-pilot seat guests, rarely got on active wear seat belts. Seat belt is for their life security plays a big role in protection, however, many owners of this consciousness, they believe in urban areas without wearing a seat belt, some owners at high speed also don't wear seat belts. Some owners even bought some buckle to prevent alarms from vehicles.
for not wearing a seat belt, the new rules have two drivers not wearing seat belts, 3 points and fined 100 Yuan. Deputy-driving without a seat belt, 1 points, fined 50 Yuan. Although the fines and penalty points are trivial, but the seat belt is for drivers, as well as the lives of others safety, so driver's car, the first task is to fasten your seat belt. Four smoking

bad habits some car owners, drive way sleepy, just smoking to solve their problems, as everyone knows, smoking is also quite dangerous in the driving. First of all are the smoke wafts throughout the car, will cause bad sight. Next, open the window, blowing smoke back into the car, do not pay attention, there are unintended consequences may occur.
under the new regulations, smoking to learn in 1 minute, and fined 100 Yuan. Therefore, remind owners don't smoke in motion, so as not to be penalized with a fine, till the rest stop or Park to go ahead.
bad habits five block number plates
often encountered on the way whizzed past the vehicle, the plate or block. Owners of these practices or to escape fines because of violation, or for speeding on the freeway. This is too dangerous, and affect the lives of others.
provisions in the new regulations, intends to block the plate, 12 points, the top amount of punishment. All owners, want to do this when, first consider whether it is worthwhile, not one moment of time, and unnecessary for a re-examination and, therefore, hope that the owners be careful for this habits.
bad habits six speeding
some owners like speeding the highway, and some owners prefer the urban roads with a speed limit on turn eight speeding forward. This approach in addition to safety, will also present a danger to others. Because speeding, driving too fast and difficult to control the vehicle when in danger, the pilot's response may be slow, many accidents happen as a result.
in the new regulation, speeding to 6 points, so that owners used to remember, speeding twice to retake.
drunk driving
drink-driving in recent years has been more strictly the tube, however, still some owners have not paid much attention to. Now, under the new rules, drinking and driving may not obtain a driver's license within 5 years. All owners must carefully, drink driving is, after all, no respect for his life and does not respect the life of others.
bad habits to rectify
for these seven habits until after implementation of new rules, no improvement will taste the bitter fruit of the owner in a timely manner. Therefore, this recommendation, for their own and others ' safety, the owner in front of the car, be sure to maintain a good driving habits.