Driving common sense

get late in recent years, to the relative concentration of purchasing auto insurance. Recently, this reporter received owner questions, some insurance companies at the time of purchase is known as "all risks", but does that mean buying "all risks", and would cover all risks? In this regard, the expert pointed out that within the insurance industry, now known as the so-called "full coverage" is just an insurance salesperson in the sales process not standardized terminology, which cover all types, cannot protect against all risks. Therefore when purchasing car insurance, car owners the best reasonable insurance to suit your needs, to protect the car. See Disclaimer

car insurance according to the introduction, the so-called "full coverage" is the sales staff will put together several basic types, such as strong, three commercial liability insurance, CDW, stolen rescue, scratches, glass insurance basically covers the losses that might occur in a traffic accident. "What insurers call the ' all risks ' are mostly included those four basic risks, can cover most vehicle accident compensation. "The insurance industry, experts say, but the fact is, even if all all types, insurance may not be able to pay. Because some insurance has a specific range of claims, some projects there is a disclaimer. Therefore, when purchasing auto insurance, insured, to carefully read the policy content in the license plate number, engine number is matched with the car, insurance, insurance, insurance period, it matches.
at the same time, if you want to avoid the "full" advocacy of unknown cause disputes, would also like to see the contents of the insurance contract, in particular the liability exemption clauses.
according to their own need to pick additional risk
If you want to get more comprehensive compensation, experts advise, you'd select the appropriate additional insurance, additional insurance includes glass separate common breakage, loss of car body scratches insurance, loss of spontaneous combustion, engine water losses etc.
reported that additional Xianzhong and consumer appetite for risk, economic capacity, the vehicle maintenance conditions, often driving traffic and parking area and other factors, and may not be suitable for all customers. Such as the risk of spontaneous combustion, three-year new car without insurance, and three years to cover risk of spontaneous combustion.