Driving common sense
Xinhuanet, Beijing, January 15 (reporter Lin Hongmei)-outline of how to adapt to the new driver's license exam? Successfully obtain a driver's license? People's communications publishing houses issued nationwide, the recently released a new version of the motor vehicle driver training materials of the safe driving starts here.
communications press official 15th introduced here, the safe driving starts here as a driving exam the new textbooks, according to the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of public security jointly issued by the motor vehicle drivers training with the new revision of the syllabus, organized by the Ministry of transport to prepare, Transport Minister Yang as its preface. New textbook strictly according to new outline of order again choreography content, first stage main understand motor vehicle of basic knowledge, master road traffic security legal, and regulations and the road traffic signal of provides, set and training compliance chapter law-abiding of security consciousness; second stage for actual driving operation of based part, focus explained driving operation of basic knowledge, and based operation, and site driving of basic requirements and method; third stage is driving learning of highest stage, focus explained security civilization driving common sense and actual road, and Night driving method and various special cases, develop safe and civilized driving, driving ability and ability to drive independently.
the official said, the new textbooks covering all subjects, participants logged on through a textbook cover QR specified Web sites can also learn multi-media online course. Not only increases a lot of accident analysis, play a role in warning education, sample exams are given to help students understand the examination requirements and questions.