Driving common sense
Weihai this time low temperatures and winter heat is all the more necessary. But most of hot cars, hot car how long does it take the concept is vague. Through consulting 4S shop technicians found that, despite all the answers vary, but the basic concept of unity is, for now accounts for the vast majority of electronic fuel injection vehicles, winter heat is still indispensable.
winter heat loss engine oil
some owners hear vehicles as technology improves, hot car this step can be omitted. In order to work in a hurry often stopped overnight after the vehicle starts out. Almost all of the professionals when it comes to the driving habits, have argued that their loss of engine oil. According to reports, the engine after a night's rest, the lubricant on the friction surface residual stress disappeared, losing oil protection, low temperature viscosity of lubricants increased adhesion and liquidity. So, not hot car engine wear is considerable. Meanwhile, after a cold start the engine, then step on the gas grid, as temperatures are still low, fuel atomization is not sufficient, not burn completely easily formed Coke, oil.
hot-finished water temperature and speed
many owners on how long no clear concept hot car. Some feel the need to 3-5 minutes, some believe that 30 seconds is enough. Shop technicians are not the answer. More mainstream ideas is that models currently on the market, as technology improved, hot cars than older models of vehicles be reduced correspondingly. Specific heat time can refer to two targets, one water, one is the engine speed. In General, if in the process of idling hot car, you first need to speed back to normal idle speed of the engine. Some German cars high speed, until after its start at about 1000 rpm can run, other models have an idle state about 800 or so, this is one of the conditions you need to meet. Another condition is the instrument panel indicated a change in water temperature, you can advance the throttle travel. Some owners probably will wait until the water temperature rises to 70~80sheshidu to normal traffic, is also a good choice.
place hot car can be idling when driving
cold start idle hot, so, the original hot car was idling swift hot car, is still controversial.
technicians believe that the geothermal and idle the car driving slowly, are among the hot car. The geothermal process should not be cancelled, there should be at least 30 seconds or so at a specific time, operation of the oil pump to transport oil to the most in need of lubrication of the engine piston, connecting rod and crankshaft and other components. Subsequently, the vehicle can be started. But, beginning within a short distance of the two hundred or three hundred meters, vehicle owners not to step on the gas. General operation is in accordance with what is said above, water temperature and speed standards and step on the throttle again.