Driving common sense
Vehicle such as a person, you treat it well, it will not disappoint you. Here is called the car maintenance in a timely manner, and keep in good condition. But some people do get the car as a tool, use hard drive time, when not abandon ignore, no maintenance on time.
owner Lee recently due to some abnormal sound engine, go to 4S shop for repair, but was told that maintenance costs of nearly 20,000 yuan. Car travel more than 40,000 kilometers of Mr LI, but a test drive 4S shop hidden in a lot of trouble, need maintenance and replacement projects, surprisingly high maintenance costs. According to the Shenyang evening news reporter, Mr Li outside of 5000 km warranty, buy a car, the rest need maintenance time and mileage hasn't been to the 4S shops, busy time, and feel so save money DIY, not a last resort, and not 4S shop.
three of maintenance daily maintenance is critical of seven
"daily maintenance is critical for vehicle ride on time, as well as our bodies, must not, to the big hurt. "Faw-Volkswagen 4S shop service manager Liu Zhihong told the Shenyang evening news reporter, daily maintenance of vehicles is important, the so-called three-point maintenance of seven, if you want to spend a lot of money, you have to focus on maintenance. Failing to maintain, parts for heavy-duty vulnerable, hazard is caused by a time bomb. No maintenance as required, some manufacturers warranty items may not be the manufacturer's warranty.
Li is the absence of timely oil changes and cleared up, causing oil to be oxidized, forming thick solids, engine lubrication system is blocked, resulting in problems such as abnormal noise, lack of power. There are many similar owners failing to maintain high temperature causes the sediment to be ablated, and remove heat function has been a serious decline in oil, engine to work under high temperature conditions seriously affect its service life.
shop "slaughter people" is errors Mo, accident again maintenance
many owners are has a errors, think to 4S shop maintenance will "was slaughter", but to street side shop and not too assured, himself and not has conservation expertise, eventually until car occurred fault "protest" Shi, again to maintenance, then to spent of money may is usually maintenance costs of times, and also makes himself of security in dangerous among.
Inn Shenyang Xing Road, Dongfeng Honda Service Manager Wang Tianbo introduced according to the different environmental conditions and models, cars are serviced every 5000 km or so it normally takes. Check of main project is divided into engine basic part, and ignition system, and fuel and exhaust control system, and chassis and body four block, each 5000 km this four block check of project are not as, but oil, and battery, and brake pedal, and brake disc, and brake liquid, and clutch device oil, and power steering liquid, and tire, and headlights, and scraping water device, and air conditioning filter device these project each maintenance will detection, is general detection, other of project on according to km number different and different, comply with of law is this check of project more, Less next time, 40,000 km and 80,000 km for the more important maintenance periods, except for timing belt, clutch pedal, fuel filter, valve clearances do not require testing, others need be tested.
problems with maintenance not 4S shop responsible for
"without regular maintenance, such as oil was not replaced in time, easy deposits may clog oil ducts, cause the engine dry grinding, seriously affecting the service life of the engine, engine explosion phenomenon of the cylinder will appear, then the engine maintenance costs are very high. "Wang Tianbo said vehicle use due to not paying attention to process during maintenance, causing serious consequences are not infrequent. So, drive maintenance can be found many problems on time, to do minor illnesses of early detection, early settlement, will minimize the damage to the vehicle.
Wang Tianbo tell 4S shop was little more than street-side shop, this is the fault of standards different from grasping, discovery of the potential problems are not the same, rather than deliberately and put on some maintenance projects to make money. "It's like someone has a fever, some 37.5 a fever, which was set at 37 degrees fever. "Those with the incorrect maintenance or lack of proper maintenance of and compliance with the user manual fuel, lubricating oil and other liquid and cause of the malfunction, which is not covered under warranty, 4S shop is not responsible for issues arising out of these.