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Reporters learned from the municipal environmental protection Bureau, on December 3, the Department of environmental protection issued a circular on the implementation of the fifth phase of gas fuelled positive ignition engines and auto emission standards of notice, with effect from January 1, China gas vehicle emission standards for uniform implementation of five, an initiative aimed at improving the air quality and control of nitrogen oxide emissions. At less than five standard gas vehicles, will not be listed. Qingdao environmental protection departments with related departments, and monitoring.
added strict car emissions standard aimed at improved air quality
according to understand, this times added strict gas car emissions control standard, is according to State on issued "Twelve-Five" energy-saving emissions integrated work programme of notification and State on focus regional air pollution control "Twelve-Five" planning of reply in the "on strictly implementation national motor vehicle emissions standard, advance environment air quality improved process" of requirements, according to car with pressure burning type, and Gas fuelled positive ignition engines and vehicle emission limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants (stage China ⅲ, ⅳ, ⅴ) (GB17691-2005), "gas fuelled positive ignition engines of vehicles fifth stage emission limits proposed in the" specific measures.
according to the experts, the implementation of five standards, environmental benefit most notably reduced total nitrogen oxide emissions, compared with four standards, calculated according to the cycle emissions, nitrogen oxides decreased from 3.5 grams per kilowatt hour to 2.0 grams per kilowatt hour, nitrogen oxide emissions fell by 42.9% to promote motor vehicle nitrogen oxide emissions will play an important role in controlling.
months 1st up, gas car implementation country five standard
announcement provides, since January 1, 2013 up, all production, and imports, and sales and registered registration of gas fuel lit type engine and car must meet country five standard of requirements, related enterprise should timely adjustment production, and imports and sales plans; production, and imports gas fuel lit type engine and car of enterprise, should by country five standard requirements to environmental protection Department proposed environmental type type approved application, And on-time production consistency guarantees submitted to the environmental protection plan, annual report, and the vehicle identification code (VIN) information. Department of environmental protection issued to approved vehicle type approval certificate of environmental protection; enterprises as the main responsibility for vehicle emission control of automobile production, must establish and improve the environmental conformity of production control system, strengthen process environmental compliance management, quality control of key components, vehicle emissions inspection work to ensure that production vehicles, sales reach five standards. Department of environmental protection will take the form of regular inspections and spot checks, increasing environmental conformity of production inspections of motor vehicles, fully strengthen the environmental regulation of motor vehicle manufacturers. Does not meet the standard requirements, will order rectification; still unqualified after rectification, revoke the certificate of vehicle type approval of environmental protection, and be informed.
up to five standard gas vehicles not listed
of the notice requirements, local environmental protection departments at all levels in vehicle exhaust regular inspection and conformity mark issued by the environmental protection work, to enforce emissions standards. Vehicle does not meet the standard requirements, no environmental inspection certificate issued by environmental protection departments at all levels, and assist the public security traffic Administrative Department to stop its registration within their respective administrative areas. Excessive production, imports, sales of vehicles, the Environmental Protection Department, in conjunction with relevant departments shall punish.
according to Qingdao motor vehicle exhaust pollution monitoring center head introduced, next, Qingdao environmental, and police, and business, administration sector, will according to environmental protection Department of announcement requirements, seriously do gas car production, and imports, and sales and registered registration, link of regulatory work, strictly implementation gas car country five standard, on up not to country five standard of, ban production, and imports, and sales, and into and registered registration.