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Airbags including sensors (inductive external impact), the controller (processing sensor signals and decide whether to open a balloon), balloon body (including ignitors, gunpowder and balloon outsourcing). If one link fails, won't play a role in protecting passengers.
the concept advanced airbag from 1953-present, airbags have become standard on passenger cars. Air bags, dual air bags, four airbags, six airbags, side airbags, knee airbags, head-curtain airbags ... Number and type of air bags are increasingly numerous. But as a passive safety device installed inside the body, airbag maintenance and repair can easily be ignored. Actual lifespan may be shorter than the vehicle
/> "I drove for 66 years, also is the first time I heard the airbag also maintain. "A chauffeur-chef said. In Master Li's mind, the airbag is auto collision will pop up a balloon, provided they do not pop out, do not ignore it.
"theory the car's airbag design life and life is the same. However, due to the lack of design standards, air bags, real life is not as long. "Hangzhou dianzi University vehicle Engineering Associate Professor, Meng said, although there was no definite shelf life, but the airbag in 8-10 years later, even in the absence of initiation, and quality is difficult to control.
Associate Professor, Meng said, the airbag impact sensor, control module (ECU), gas generators and air bag systems. When a collision occurs, the airbag controller based on acceleration signal from the sensor to identify and judge the intensity of the collision, when collision strengths to meet the design conditions, detonate airbags sensor quickly touch the igniter to detonate nitrogen solid particles form rapidly expanding air bag, to cushion the impact suffered by the front-seat passenger, and reduce injury.
"airbags detonate chemicals (deflagration agent), metamorphic failure is possible in a few years, sealed packets of coating on the airbag may fail, so if you can, it is best to use 8-10 within a year to replace air bags. "Associate Professor, Meng added. Zhejiang Universal Service Manager
Wu Kuizhong believes that said airbags have a shelf life of perhaps far-fetched, after all, manufacturers must be developed in accordance with life life design, which is 15 years, but due to the uncertainty of the vehicles used in the process, airbag, after seven or eight years of service there will be no stability, there are security risks.
air bag troubleshooting go to authorized 4S shop
"airbag light vehicle launch 6-8 seconds and still blinking or longer light out, indicate air bag failure; in vehicles during the operation, the airbag indicator light flashing after 5 seconds longer on, said air bag fails, 4S shop inspections, must be timely. "Associate Professor, Meng said, and vehicles during the startup process will have a OBD self test, including the airbag system.
"airbag failures and other breakdowns vary. Airbag design around the world do not have mandatory uniform standards, air bag technology trade secrets belonging to the automakers, are car manufacturers set their own standards. Same brand in different types of vehicle airbags, grade standards are different. Airbag fault troubleshooting and replacement must be to authorization 4S shops. "Zhejiang Wan Guowu said the Manager.
Manager Wu says cars drive every 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers, were supposed to be the 4S shop check the airbag and its subsidiary parts or vehicle maintenance requirements in the 4S shop 4S shop test the airbags.